AXA Regular Events

Monday Meetings

Weekly luncheon meetings are currently held every Monday at 12:00 (noon) at the Shaker Ridge Country Club. An annual meeting will be held on the last meeting day in the Month of May every year.

Sample Weekly Agenda

  • Call meeting to order.
  • Thank the greeters.
  • Birthdays & Special Events:
    • Member Birthdays for the week.
  • Introduce Guests (AXA Secretary)
    • Guests are introduced.
  • Reports (Committees, Market, etc.)
  • Program:
  • Speaker’s are introduced by the AXA President.
    • Each speaker gives a 10 minute presentation, referred to as their “craft talk”.
  • Table Captains Report (AXA Leads Chairperson)
    • Each table reports how many leads were turned in for the day.
    • Leads are possible business opportunities reported by members.
    • There are general leads (presented to the group) and direct leads (given from one member to another).
  • Next Meeting:
    • The President announces who will be greeting and speaking at the next meeting.
  • Meeting Adjourned

AXA 2020 Holiday Schedule

Coming Soon

Annual Events

  • Annual Dinner: Each spring this event spotlights the presentation of the Executive of the Year Award, as well as the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Holiday Luncheon: This annual luncheon, on the second Monday in December, is the association’s social event to celebrate the holidays and New Year.